Adventures on the Road - September 2019

Happy Fall!

I recently spent two weeks in Ten Sleep, Wyoming for our 8 year anniversary with my husband, Chris, and friends. Here are some photos and stories from our trip!


Put up my first 12a and 12b climbs!!!

Had a moose in camp regularly, had a bear scratching at our back door to the van in the middle of the night when sleeping... yikes!


Resident camp moose!


AND then the van saga - a lesson to everyone, put fire extinguishers in cars! Maybe two for gasoline vehicles and 1 for diesel… here’s why! On the drive home, our van blew up driving down the highway.... ok we have a diesel so fortunately it didn't actually blow up because diesel burns much cooler. Had it been gasoline, Chris and I have no doubt the van would have completely burned to the ground and there would be a major fire on Highway 20 east of Bend. I called 3 different fire departments, AAA 3 times, Mercedes 3 times, and 911... I said, “we have a massive gas leak, the vehicle is smoking, gas is pouring out of the car, all over the ground, we are parked in the brush, and we have a fire extinguisher!” Bend Fire asked if anything else was on fire, when I said no, he said ok well I'll transfer you to Lakeview county because that is where you are, Lakeview said I'll transfer you to Harney county, Harney county said call back if anything else catches fire..... We found out that AAA won't tow with an active gas leak, State patrol was notified and never showed up. I called 911 and dispatch said, again, “I'll try and send someone out to clear the gas leak.... “ A very nice man from ODOT showed up 1.5 hours after the we pulled over, called all the above, and Chris had finished spraying the fuel pouring out of our car. He was the one that ended up getting us a tow truck - we literally hugged him, thanking him for his help..... Not one single fire department showed up, state police did not show up, and AAA apologized 2 hours later saying they could not get us a tow truck.

What I learned - please please please make sure you have, not one but TWO fire extinguishers in your vehicle and be fully prepared to deal on your own. Also, AAA is useless, but if they can not find anyone to help, they will reimburse you..or so they say. {Update: They actually do!}
When you are far from a town, 35 miles east of Brothers, so in the middle of Burns and Bend, you are stuck being in between multiple counties, no one really takes responsibility. Make sure you are prepared to help yourself. We are fine, the van, fortunately is fine, aside from having fuel everywhere.. Mercedes is towing it from our house to Eugene because the dealer here is not cleared to work on Sprinter vans. We are just happy that we got home 4 hours later, safe, and without a major incident. And all we could really do once we knew we were safe and ok sitting on the side of the highway was laugh! What else could we do....


AND it is Murphy’s Law that if I plan a vacation, I get insanely busy right before I leave. Fortunately this time, I was not having to have my husband drive me every day in to town to work, because I had my amazing new partner (who everyone loves), jump in and take care of everything. I checked in every couple of days to help, and make sure there were no fires needing to be put out. I like to stay engaged, and let clients know that I am still present, even if I don't have service for a couple of days! But could not be happier to have a trustworthy, hardworking, friendly, amazing partner who has a similar work ethic and style to my own!

Central Oregon Market Update - August 2019

Hello Everyone! 

I hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy as we are coming to the end of our summer season! I can’t believe summer is almost over. Where has the year gone? I have been fielding a lot of calls about the market lately and how Bend is fairing. Bend seems to be behind the rest of the Western States when prices start dropping and sales start slowing. We then pick back up, often times quicker, then other areas for sales. We are in a weird bubble of our own.

Commercial sales seem to be slowing as well. The days of 4-5% cap rates don’t seem to be enticing too many these days. Cap rates are going up, prices coming down, and yet owners are still digging heals in and not budging on price at times. Development is getting harder to pencil (not that it was every easy), with the general theme being costs are just too high and rents too low (though I am not sure many renters feel as if rates are low).

For those who do not know, I partnered with an AMAZING woman, Kacey Taylor. She is absolutely fantastic. I have been looking for a long time to find someone who works hard like I do - responds to calls, emails and texts in a timely manner, cares about the client more than a one off sale, is personable, friendly, caring, and works hard. I finally found her. We have been working together since February and it has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. So for those who have not yet met Kacey, there is a photo of the two of us together at a Michael Franti concert attached to this post, and I am sure you will meet her soon! The other two photos are of a recent trip to Canada my husband and I went on, with me working while on the trails, and a photo of a recent climb I sent at Smith! 

If you have any questions, are thinking of selling or buying, or have any referrals, we are happy to help in any way we can!


  • Office vacancy rates hover a 3%

  • Retail Vacancy range between 1% in the Old Mill to 5% in the southern sector

  • Industrial vacancy hovers between 1% to 4%, with the largest vacancy in the southern sector



¨  Average Price For Sale: $657,000 

¨  Average Price Sold: $475,000 

¨  Average Active Price Over 1 Year Ago: 2.8% Increase 

¨  Average Sold Price Over 1 Year Ago: 2.8% Increase 

¨  Average Days on Market: 93

¨  Sales Price/Original Price: 97% 

¨  Months of Inventory: 3.2

¨  Months of Inventory Over 1 Year Ago: 3.3% Increase 

¨  Number of Homes for Sale: 1782 

¨  Number of Homes Sold: 553


¨  Average Price For Sale: $649,000 

¨  Average Price Sold: $462,000 

¨  Average Active Price Over 1 Year Ago: 3.7% Increase 

¨  Average Sold Price Over 1 Year Ago: 10.8% Increase 

¨  Average Days on Market: 99

¨  Sales Price/Original Price: 98% 

¨  Months of Inventory: 3.1

¨  Months of Inventory Over 1 Year Ago: 3.1% Decrease

¨  Number of Homes for Sale: 1810

¨  Number of Homes Sold: 590

Here is a link to Bend Premier’s Residential Market Update for more info:

Working at elevation! Not a bad office view…

Working at elevation! Not a bad office view…

Kacey and I, at the Michael Franti concert in June

Kacey and I, at the Michael Franti concert in June

Climbing at Smith Rock State Park

Climbing at Smith Rock State Park